What’s the next best thing?, What is the Innovators Club?

Ever had the spark of a great idea but didn’t know how to follow through? Or noticed a problem so obvious that you can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed? Maybe you wanna start a start-up, but you’re short an idea? Or you work for an organization and feel you can influence major improvements in the various ways it operates or creates value to customers? If the idea of creating the “Next Best Thing” excites you, we’d love to meet you.

The Innovators Club is a group of highly passionate individuals, an innovation think tank, looking for curious and creative minds to join us to solve real-world problems through innovation. Innovation demands wide scale, cross sector collaboration. However, innovation is only in it’s infancy in the region and lacks the geographical and/or virtual concentration that is required to build critical mass and give rise to a large scale innovation movement in society.

The Objectives of the club are to identify and recognize innovators, empower their unique mindset and aspirations, support them through their challenges and help them develop their skill sets. By coming together in a stimulating, supportive and synergetic community they will thrive and prosper. The club provides a valuable opportunity for learning, mentoring, networking and collaboration among the community of innovation, entrepreneurship and startups in Bahrain.

We’re also looking to build a community of innovative thinkers that we can draw from when we’re working with businesses, brands, NGO’s and governments on real problems. If that interests you, make sure you get involved.

The Innovators Club was established and being managed by Olaiwat Innovation Activation Consultancy.


Club Gatherings

The club will be organizing frequent gatherings or meet ups, where the members will meet to network, socialize, share experiences and support each other in their projects. Olaiwat coaches will also be present to support the members.

Innovators Circles

The members will be organized in small support groups, called Innovators Circles, of 6 to 12 members. The Circles are all about learning, growing and support. Members will meet on monthly bases and follow a structured format to share about the progress and challenges in their innovation projects and whatever social and personal matters related to it. The circles will also be governed by a code of ethics related to confidentiality, communication and others. With time and after many fun and bonding group activities, the circle will strongly bond and become an Essential part of the innovator’s support system. Starting Fall 2018

Innovation Buddy

The buddy system is a form of peer mentorship. A buddy is an innovator with a bit more experience in practicing and using various innovation methods and tools through actual projects who can spare some time to address needs of a new comer, build a long term relationship with him/her and learn and grow himself in the process.  Starting Fall 2018

Opportunities to Help the Community

The Club will organize special opportunities for members to serve the community with their special innovation skills and experience through workshops, seminars and experiments, that address certain socio-economic, cultural and environmental challenges in the community and their need for innovated solutions and resolutions. These events will be organized in partnership with public and private organizations who are related to the addressed issues. Starting Fall 2018

Quarterly Gathering and Advanced Seminars

Olaiwat IA will organize a quarterly gathering for the older club members to physically meet up with new members and network with investors, supporters and sponsors. During the event success stories of members will be presented along with an advanced learning seminar by Olaiwat IA. Side meetings may also be held to discuss specific club related issues. Starting: Spring 2018


Meet-ups consist of learning and rapid innovation workshops and prototyping sessions. You don’t need to be able to code or solder or any of that stuff. If you can think, and you’re prepared to share ideas, you’re in! We believe that the more diverse the group, the more interesting the solutions become. Active Now!

Club App

A special App will be developed to for members direct connections, success stories and club announcements. Starting: 2019

Regional Networking

Olaiwat IA plans to establish other chapters of the club in other countries in the region and beyond. This will give members the opportunity to members to exchange and benefit from a much larger circle than just the local community. Starting: 2019


Special high performing members of the club will be offered exclusive opportunities by Olaiwat IA to become certified trainers for Olaiwat IA seminars and workshops and may be hired by Olaiwat IA to conduct these seminars locally and internationally. Starting: 2019

Very Special Discounts and Scholarships

Club members will automatically qualify for very special discounts from Olaiwat IA to continue their learning and benefit from the various learning programs provided by Olaiwat IA. Members may also benefit from learning scholarships that the club will seek from private and public organizations. Active Now!


  • Any individual residing in Bahrain who is interested in acquiring knowledge and developing skills and relationships related to innovation.
  • Involved in leading, promoting or implementing innovation methods in SME’s, Large Corporation, Government and NGO’s.
  • An advocate of business innovation on a macro socio-economic scale.
  • A supporter, sponsor or investor in innovation projects and initiatives.


  • Attended one of Olaiwat IA seminars
  • Annual Fee of BD 35.


To register, click the “Join the Club” button.


Innovators Club

Innovators Club
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