Visualize, design and reinvent your business model.

Ever had the spark of a great idea but didn’t know how to follow through? Or noticed a problem so obvious that you can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed? Maybe you wanna start a start-up, but not sure how to put your thoughts together? Or you work for an organization and feel you can influence major improvements in the various ways it operates or creates value to customers? If the idea of creating the “Next Best Thing” excites you, then join us at one of our free innovation seminars, by Fa’eq Alolaiwat*, we’d love to meet you.

Learn the basic techniques of constructing a business model canvas and use it to visually communicate and brainstorm your business ideas.


  • Business owner/ Entrepreneur.
  • Leader at an organization (eg. head of department, project leader etc.)
  • Exception: A person with a business idea seeking to develop it further


  • The upcoming workshop dates will be announced soon. If you would like to be notified once the registration is open, please share your details.